6th Annual
Carter Lackey Memorial Miles
Virtual Event: May 23rd-Aug 1st, 2020
Registration Page
Event Coordinator, Liz Terwilliger
Contact via Facebook or by email: clmm@tspt.biz
Carter James Lackey
What are my Registration Options?
Distance Options
This year we are simplifying things.
Everyone does as many miles as they can or as many as they want to
within the 10-week virtual event window.
Do I have to complete my miles all at once?
No. You don't have to...but you can.
You can choose to do all of your miles at one time, for example in one fitness class, race or work out
or you can complete your miles cumulatively over the course of the 10-week event.
How do I complete my miles?
With ANY fitness activity you want!
Miles can be completed one way (ex. biking) or in a variety of ways.
In the past, participants have used more than 30 different fitness activities to complete their "miles."
They have run, trail run, hiked, walked, kayaked, biked, swum, wrestled, tumbled, danced and Zumba'd
their miles.They have played basketball, football, nerf tag and volleyball.
How you do your miles is up to you!
Can I create or join a Team?
There's no extra charge to create or join a team!
Teams are a great way to spread information about Mitochondrial Disease and to reach people who never
would have thought to participate in a virtual event!
Because of this we have special team awards!
You can start a team on either the
Registration or the Team Page.
Want to join a Team? Indicate your team when you register,
or let the event coordinator, Liz Terwilliger, know via email (CLMM@tspt.biz) or by messenger from the
Carter Lackey Memorial Miles Facebook Page.
Can I make a donation without registering?
Of Course, we welcome any donations
To make a donation to Carter's Research Fund through Carter Lackey Memorial Miles,
use this "Donate" button.
How do I report my miles?
Miles can be reported to the Event Coordinator by posting in the Facebook Group, messaging on
Facebook or by sending an email to clmm@tspt.biz
You can report as often as you'd like, but minimally reports must be made by June 15th, July 15th and
August 1st for miles completed in the preceding weeks to be counted.
If you're doing all of your miles at once, you only need to report once.
Regular Registration (Ages 19+up)
$15 (+$1 online registration)

Register Together (Ages 19+up)
2 for $20 (+$1 online registration)

Family Registration (Max. 10)
$40 (+$2 online registration)

Youth Registration (18+under)
$5 (+$0.50 online registration)
Registration Type
Names of Registrants
Team (if applicable)
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