6th Annual Carter Lackey Memorial Miles
Calculating Your Miles
One mile walked, biked, jogged, hiked, swam, kayaked or
anything else that covers actual miles
= 1 mile
Water running uses time and your pace on land.
If you run 10 min/mile on land, then use             10 minutes
If you don't know your pace on land, then use    12 minutes

= 1 mile

= 1 mile
Intense aerobic workouts (ex. Zumba)                15 minutes
= 1 mile
Lighter aerobics and weight lifting                      30 minutes
= 1 mile
I have questions!!!!!

No problem. Contact the event coordinator, Liz Terwilliger.
Email: CLMM@tspt.biz
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Carter Lackey Memorial Miles Facebook Page.
Can I make a donation without registering?
Of Course, we welcome any donations
To make a donation to Carter's Research Fund through Carter Lackey Memorial
Miles, use this "Donate" button.
Visit his Mom's Website: Carter Lackey's Testimony